Bio-Tech Engineering


Students of Biomedical Department in the third year along with their seniors were back with the 2020 edition of Xeuron under the guidance and support of the HOD and all the department professors. Xeuron remarked to be a humongous success with the events like Hands-on workshop in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, Hands-on 3-D Printing Workshop & Bioquiz Competition. The 3-D printing workshop was held in association with Medical Innovative Creativity and Entrepreneurship Lab. The workshop of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was conducted by professionals from Open Software Movement. All the participants enjoyed these highly interactive workshops. An exciting Intercollegiate Bioquiz competition was held in three rounds. Every round was a mixed bag of questions from anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology. All the participants were very active and at the edge of their seats to answer the questions. Xeuron this year was sponsored and supported by Drager India Pvt. Ltd