Bio-tech Engineering

About Department
Department has well equipped laboratories for following

Plant cell and Tissue Culture : Various plant tissue cultures are carried out in this lab such as culture, single cell suspension culture, organogenesis, organ culture.

Bio-informatics : Uses of bioinformatics in biotechnology is studied such as search engines (FASTA, BLAST, PUBMED), sql queries, nucleotide and protein databases, comparison between given two nucleotide/protein sequences, algorithms of search engines, natural language programming, etc.

Biochemistry : Various assays for DNA,RNA, Protien, Carbohydrates, Lipids are carried out.Apart from assay techniques various electrophoresis and chromatography techniques are also carried out.

Microbiology : Isolation of pure culture, Characterization of various microorganisms and their studies are carried out. Various staining techniques are taught in this lab, which helps in differentiating and identifying various microorganism.

Environmental Biotechnology : In this lab characterization of waste water is taught w.r.t determination of chloride content, Biochemical Oxygen Demand in a given waste water sample, chemical oxygen demand, Nitrogen content etc.

Enzyme engineering : Study of various enzyme are carried by determining enzyme kinetics(effect of pH, temperature, substrate concentration, enzyme concentration on enzyme activity), Salting out of proteins by use of ammonium sulphate salt, Enzyme extraction from bacterial as well as fungal strains.

Downstream processing & Bioseparation : Various Precipitation techniques, Centrifugation, Dialysis, Crystallization of Salts, Extraction of product from the broth is carried out.

Fermentation technology : Production of Primary/Secondary metabolite, Replica plating of U.V induced auxotroph mutants and isolation of mutants, Penicillin production, Immobilization of Yeast by preparation of Calcium alginate beads, use of yeast for bread making, estimation of beta-galactosidase activity.

Analytical methods in biotechnology. It has got equipments like GC, uv spectrophotometer, nephalometer, colorimeter, ro, ice flaker, ultracentrifuges, incubators etc.