TSEC Students' Council
TSEC Students' Council is a student body of the college which overhauls the working of cultural events in and out of the college. It is the core committee associated with the Dr Ashwini Kunte and Principal Dr.G.T.Thampi. “Trifles” is one of the largest engineering cultural festivals held in Mumbai, which the TSEC Students' Council hosts every academic year. The auditions for National-level award winning Street Play, Fashion Show and Dance Team are held by Students' council. The intra-level festival Avalanche, Traditional Day, Leadership Meet and BE Farewell are also planned and organized by this committee that pledges to make sure that enjoyment and opportunities are guaranteed to each individual.
TSEC Sports Committee
is the sole body responsible for encouraging various athletes, sportspersons and enthusiasts. Committee has become very active under the guidance of Dr Ashwini Kunte and Principal Dr.G.T.Thampi. The inter-collegiate festival “Yudh” has been hugely successful in making its mark amongst the best sporting events in Mumbai. The massive participation that this event receives explains its popularity in and outside college. Also Invictus is the intra level festival that the Sports committee organizes. In this event that unites every branch as the students across the four years vie for the best branch trophy and budding sportspersons are given recognition. The TSEC football, cricket, basketball badminton, throw ball, carom and chess teams that involve both girls and boys are managed by this committee.
IEEE-TSEC is the largest student body of IEEE in Mumbai. The IEEE technical team has won various competitions in Mumbai and works under the able guidance of the Principal. It has an annual inter-collegiate festival called ISAAC which boasts of a variety of robotics and non-robotics contests, workshops, conferences and exhibitions. IEEE also has four of its chapters active in TSEC namely Computer Society, Communication Society, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and Industrial Electronics Society. The events organized by this committee give immense exposure to new technological advancements and keeps students abreast of the latest technical happenings.
CSI-TSEC is the student branch which comes under the CSI – Mumbai chapter and today it is one of the most vibrant amongst all the student branches. The Branch Counselor, Dr.Archana Patankar has helped this society progress at each step. Every year, CSI – TSEC conducts student activities including workshops, seminars, conferences, technical competitions, training programs and industrial visits which keeping the students involved in extra – curricular activities along with their academic curriculum and giving them a platform to show case their talent and develop their skills. In 2011, its annual festival 'RUBIX', had participants from many countries for the coding event 'Codezilla' making it the first event in TSEC to go global.
NSS-TSEC is the non-technical society of TSEC and has been involved in many social activities. Major of these activities are Blood Donation Drive and Bandra Station Project. NSS-TSEC which functions under Ms.Mudita Dixit, also conducts a 10 Day's Residential Camp in the outskirts of Mumbai with the basic aim of Overall development of the Society.
IIChE-TSEC is the chemical technical society and conducts seminars, research paper presentation, and industrial visits with a vision of integrating textbook learning with industrial knowledge. Chemical Students can become a member of the society from second year. The society with the aid of Mrs.Usha Nambiar conducts its Annual Technical festival - Chemergence which draws participants from whole of India.
IETE-TSEC is students forum of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE). It works under IETE’s Mumbai Chapter It is very active society presenting its inter-collegiate purely technical festivals "Reflection", Oscillations etc. Workshops, seminars and competitions conducted by IETE-TSEC provide an ideal platform to rejuvenate hidden skills and showcase talents various technical field.Its branch counselor, Mrs.Mani Roja has helped the society scale greater heights.
ISTE-TSEC, i.e., Indian Society for Technical Education - TSEC aims at upbringing the technical knowledge of the Engineering Students, delivered various successful Workshops, Seminars and Competitions, with a satisfying experience from the students. The festival saw participation from over 30 Engineering Colleges. Reflection 2011 was a grand success, under the supervision of Ms.Uttara Bhatt, and will now be followed by ASCENT 2012, one of the most awaited inter-colleges Technical Festival.
The Management Society - TSEC
The Management Society - TSEC is one of the oldest and largest student societies in TSEC. MS-TSEC hosts three major festivals, CARMA, Speaktacular and Lakshya every year. Its Counselor, Ms.Anjali Malviya has been instrumental in giving direction to this committee. With three clubs dedicated to quizzing, literary activities and debating respectively, MS-TSEC is the only society of its kind in Mumbai University. The Industrial Visit organized by this body is highly popular amongst the student body and is the apt combination of visiting well-established industries and fun at various locations in the country.