Institute Distinctiveness

Institute Distinctiveness

The institute was established in 1983, by the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board and is recognized by Government of Maharashtra, approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Affiliated to University of Mumbai. Right from its inception, the institute has ceaselessly metamorphosed to meet to the industry demands. The institute has the following core competencies:

  1. Leveraging visual learning to maximize the efficacy of learning process:
    Instructional content based on cognitive load theories and epistemological consistencies in creating learning content in published work of students & teachers. Our empirical study results in devising new ways in engaging students inside classroom & it is observed that visual learning in addition to synchronised audio having a high level of effectiveness.
  2. Student centred institutional structure an d process layout:
    As an education institute we created an organizational structure which is flat & devoid of extreme centralization and effectively keeping learners at the centre of all process happening at the institute.
  3. System in place for continuous value addition:
    Our professionalism perpetually provoke us to devise new strategies & procedures to effect strengthening of productive mental faculties through various initiations/outreach programs, MOOC’s, facilitating inter collegiate competitions in addition to classroom engagement.
  4. Processes which help students unleash their potential:
    We focus on issues and events happening in the world around the learners and incorporate those trends into their learning experiences. The mentors continuously keep an eye on feedback, performance and areas of growth of students and notify them which make them feel confident and self-assertive.
  5. Strengthening experiential learning and developing research culture:
    We created Centres of Excellence to develop competencies in the e merging areas and organized appropriate laboratory facilities. All students and instructors treat experiential learning as a non-negotiable part of their academic activities and at times create new experiment setup from the scratch based on the nascent literature on emerging technologies.
  6. Contemporary pedagogical practices in teaching learning processes:
    The institute thinks aloud about effective instructional delivery underpinning various learners and their rate of learning ability. We are extensively using digital technologies like initiating learners to MOOC’s and mobile application in addition to projector enabled classroom teaching.
  7. Evolving competency in addressing different learning abilities and styles:
    The institute is aware of pupils with different learning abilities and learning styles and is in the process of developing instructional content leveraging pervasive / ubiquitous digital technologies and aspiring to create customised learning content for every in dividual. We thrive on problem based teaching and also promote experiential learning and project based learning. The institute kingpins on learning experiences based on outcomes which help learners master knowledge and skills.
  8. Customized learning content for heterogeneous learners:
    The institute succeeded in filling patents for designing a framework for customized learning. We strongly believe customized learning content catering to different pupil with different learning ability and learning style is the way forward. We envisage taking initiative in creating customized digital content leveraging ubiquitous Information Communication Digital Technology product and process (virtual reality & augmented reality techniques).

The Key Differentiators

  1. The institute treats students as evolving human capital. A major chunk of the institute’s alumni students are contributing to the global market places in addition to nation building process since its inception.
  2. There is a process in place to help the learners unleash their innate abilities to be more productive in marketplace. The democratic process prevailing in the institute also helps in celebrating diversity which brings long term structural stability of the institute to thrive in the professional educational marketplace.
  3. The institute aims at facilitating and modifying varied learning styles and learning disabilities.
  4. The institute perpetuates the effort to create and augment customized course content to help unleash the potential of different learners.
  5. Our everyday discourse also focuses on creating and facilitating Game changers.
  6. We are productively researching on the ways and means of transcending technology education to help the nation evolve as Total Solution Provider to thrive in a carbon efficient world order.
  7. The institute sensitize students about the value of emotional intelligence and developed spiritual quotients and inter-personal and intra-personal intelligence.

Nurturing learners as human capital for reducing the lead time for transition from academia to industry/business

  1. Well laid out schema and curricula for developing academic integrity in pursuit of new knowledge and all round personality development focusing on emotional integrity rooted on sound ethical practices.
  2. Promotion of extracurricular activities to appreciate collaborative effort and group dynamics. Sensitizing learners about the importance of Nation Building and value/wealth creation for the mankind at large.
  3. Initiating them to product and process innovation leveraging converging technologies to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

The performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust

  • System in place for continuous value addition

To perpetuate continuous value addition to the learners we organised training programs and help in turn to organise hackathons which enable them to develop temperament and competency to decode the complexity of functional areas & use cases to be integrated with digital technologies.

We impressed the learners about the desirability of ESG practices and sustainability issues to contribute to the evolving consciousness of the global marketplace.