About TSEC

Vision and Mission

Perpetuating and transcending the processes of:

  • Contributing to evolving supply chain of human capital for National Economy
  • Creating entrepreneurs and ‘game changers’ to support heightened level of economic activities underpinning ever increasing human aspiration
  • Helping the Nation evolve as a total solution provider
  • Value and wealth creation for the mankind

Focusing and practicing:

  • Product and processes innovation
  • Leveraging human cognitive and behavioral science for creating instructional content
  • Pervasive and ubiquitous Information Communication Technologies for customized content for learning
  • Acknowledge and facilitate various learning styles and learning abilities
  • Migrating from teaching paradigm to learning paradigm
  • Every day discourse shall inculcate research culture and further the cause of societal advancement
  • Understand various markets and cultures
  • Collaborative learning and emotional integrity
  • Sensitizing about opportunities in Energy, Education, Environment and Health care sectors
  • Extensively promoting computer aided design,analysis and manufacturing procedures
  • Theoretical rigor to develop conceptual clarity
  • Modeling and design of experiments to inculcate culture of investigation
  • Helping foot print on Project management and collaborative human endeavor
  • Interdisciplinary studies and exposure to functional areas