Research in TSEC

Aspiration to go up in the academic value chain provoked us to leverage the dormant academic research abilities to play a creative role in starting the Ph.D. program in our institute. Ph.D. Program was introduced in 2012 with intake capacity of 10, now intake capacity of Ph.D. is 40. 25 research scholars are awarded Ph.D.

The institute’s mission, in establishing a research program, is iconoclastic in approach and demonstrates the much hyped world of academic research in India that goes beyond the paradigm of adding to the body of knowledge.

TSEC offers doctorate programmes in Information Technology ,Computer Engineering & Electronics & Telecommunication Departments. A total of 40 research scholars have been registered under highly qualified, dynamic and technologically sound faculty.

Topics of Research undertaken:

Sr. No. List of topics
1 Models for making e-commerce and M-commerce ubiquitous and pervasive to improve National productivity in India
2 Re- energizing E-governance Practices by Integrating Mobile Technology Platform
3 Forecasting cloud computing life cycle
4 Information Communication Technologies for Entrepreneurship Incubation/ Startup Projects
5 Software engineering challenges for synchronizing enterprise resource planning and business intelligence
6 Reinventing Brick and Mortar Professional Education Directorate to ICT Enabled, Database Centered Professional Education Management Enterprise
7 Investigating Big Data Analytics in Indian Industries for Building Efficiencies
8 Transcending Information Technology Enterprises in India to Evolve as Total Solution Providers
9 Investigating Efficacy of Graphical User Interface in Indian E-Governance and M-Governance Projects
10 Investigation of Mass Customisation technique in Indian Consumer Electronic Sector
11 Forecasting and Modeling Automation in Indian IT Service Industry
12 Predicting Futuristic Quality Movements in Indian Manufacturing.
13 Modeling Futuristic E-governance Practices Leveraging Deep Learning Techniques.
14 Modeling IT Infrastructure for Construction Industries to Build Velocity, Agility and Intelligence
15 Forecasting computational paradigm on advent of quantum computing and it’s effect on business processes
16 Blockchain Technology for building Efficiency and Velocity in Indian Judicial System
17 Capacity and Throughput Optimization of MIMO for effective communication network
18 Wireless Body Area Networks : Propagation and Antenna for UWB and MM Waves
19 Performance Enhancements of 2 tier femtocell networks
20 Configuring Efficient RF Energy Harvesting System For WSN
21 Performance evaluation and modelling of futuristic small antennas in the realm of mobile communications
22 Developing an efficient architecture and procedures for Multipath TCP in wired and wireless domain
23 “Blind Tampering Detection and Localization in Digital Images and Videos”
24 Study of Procedures for Parameter Extraction of Maximum Targets using MIMO Radar Based System
25 Re-energizing manufacturing leveraging software engineering techniques
26 Investigating the Opportunities and Challenges in E-Governance Projects by integrating Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
27 Content based image retrieval using deep learning
28 Intrusion Detection System using Deep Learning
29 Validation and optimization of Image Compression Algorithm
30 Hashing in digital media
31 Detection and Analysis of Defects in Fabric using Texture Properties
32 Analyzing the efficacy of machine learning techniques on climate prediction in Maharashtra region
33 Event Recognition using Machine Learning Technique
34 Leveraging Machine Learning Technology for efficacy in predicting crop yield of Marathwada Region
35 Investigating the process of making “Software Defined Network” Agile and Lean
36 Intuitive design of GUI in realm of e-commerce in India
37 Investigating ways and means of transforming IT service enterprise into a learning organization
38 Leveraging Digital Data Analytics for Framing Public Policies
39 Investigating the efficacy of AI techniques to forecast Indian Financial Markets
40 Self Organizing Cloud to Offer Efficiency for Big Data
41 Modelling Novel Framework for Next Generation Big Data Analysis
42 Modelling cloud computing integration in Indian E-governance projects
43 Title of the Proposal Augmenting Indian Agricultural Research Using Deep Learning Techniques
44 Productivity improvement in agriculture using deep learning
45 Brain Tumor Segmentation and Analysis using Deep Learning
46 Information and Communication Technologies and Data Mining
47 Investigation of IOT based an adoptive e-health solution in the realm of disaster mitigation techniques
48 Investigating and Modelling a Recommender System: A Usability Engineering Perspective
49 Investigating Efficacies of Mobile Cloud Technology in Education Sector
50 Investigation and digitation of maternal health care data for knowledge discovery
51 Semantic information extraction for handwritten devanagari script documents
52 Investigating the Efficacy of Wireless Sensor Networks in the realm of Healthcare Monitoring System
53 Design and development of Improved Semantic Enhanced Personalizer(SEP) using User Navigational Behaviour Pattern and Demographics
54 Artificial Intelligence techniques for analyzing skin diseases prevalent in Mumbai Suburbs
55 Modeling Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Converging Technologies for Healthcare
56 Leveraging Security Enabled Conversational Artificial Intelligence to Transform Healthcare.
57 Deep Learning enabled Image Analytics Techniques for cosmetic Dermopathies(Skin Diseases) prediction in the suburban areas of Mumbai & Thane
58 Big Data Analysis for Forecasting and Modelling Epidemic Outbreak
59 Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence
60 Optimal Task Scheduling for Efficient Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
61 Building Accuracies in Opinion Mining using various mining strategies and techniques
62 WiMAX based communication network for smart grid application
63 Artificial Intelligence driven Reinforcement of Handoff for wireless Networks

Dean Research:- Dr. Archana Patankar

Internal Guides: Dr. G. T. Thampi, Dr. Ashwini Kunte, Dr. Madhuri Rao, Dr. Tanuja Sarode, Dr. Archana Patankar, Dr. Maniroja Edinburgh, Dr. Arti Deshpande, Dr. Seema Kolkur

Guides Enrolled at TSEC Research Centre: Dr. J.W. Bakal, Dr. Dhanajay Kalbande, Dr. R. R. Sedamkar, Dr. Uttam Kolekar, Dr. Alam Shaikh, Dr. Subhash Shinde. Dr. R.G. Karandikar

Number of Research Scholars Currently Pursuing (A.Y 2020-21):- 40

Number of Research Scholars  awarded Ph.D. degree till date: 25