The institution’s IQAC was established in the academic year 2017 to, plan and monitor various actions that are crucial for maintaining and improving the quality of education as per the institution’s quality policy.

IQAC is committed to improving the quality of teaching, learning, assessment, research, extension, and consulting possibilities. The IQAC meets on a regular basis to review the institution’s progress and quality enhancement based on the criteria directed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), and suggests actions for further strengthening the quality of academic programmes.


Design and integrate processes, resulting in self configuring quality systems which in turn drive the withering away of IQAC

  • Establish cell to monitor and develop new age quality procedure to be in tandem with emerging social aspirations
  • Sensitizing academic leadership to incorporate quality measures/ practices to be implemented in their everyday discourses in the institute
  • Promoting and facilitating academic research in facilitating self-configuring quality systems
  • Design and implement an indelible procedure for adaptive control feedback & measurement systems
  • Creating an ethical work culture at the Institute.
  • Establishing and implementing quality criteria for academic and administrative operations.
  • Assists the Institute in organising efforts aimed at assuring quality, such as the adoption and promotion of best procedures and practises.
  • Planning inter- and intra-institutional workshops, seminars, awareness programmes, project exhibitions, and research activities.
  • Creating a learner-centred environment conducive to quality instruction and continuous improvement
  • Place a premium on faculty competence in order to incorporate knowledge, technology, and innovations for participatory teaching and learning.
  • Conduct quality assurance audits of academic, administrative, and research operations on a regular basis.
  • Gather input from various stakeholders, analyse it, and recommend corrective steps to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied.
  • Preparing Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQAR) in accordance with standards and submitting them to NAAC on a regular basis.
  • Serve as a dynamic mechanism for quality improvement in the college.
  • Productively researching on the ways and means of transcending technology education to help the nation evolve as Total Solution Provider to thrive in a carbon efficient world order.
  • To engineer an academic ambience where participants realise their full potential as human beings to contribute to sustainable progress of society at large.
  • Set up a system for receiving input on quality-related institutional procedures from students,parents, and other stakeholders.
  • Serving as the Institution’s nodal agency for quality-related operations, such as adopting and disseminating best practices.
  • Assisting in the development of a learner-centred environment conducive to high-quality education and faculty maturation in order to adopt the necessary knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning.
  • Maintain a higher level of clarity and concentration in institutional operations in order to improve quality.
  • Ensures a higher degree of clarity and concentration in institutional operations, leading to quality improvement.
  • Ensures that the quality culture is internalised.
  • Ensures the improvement and coordination of the Institution’s varied operations, as well as the institutionalisation of all excellent practises.

IQAC Meeting Minutes

IQAC Meeting Minutes 2023-24

IQAC-MOM-28 th October 2023

IQAC Meeting Minutes 2022-23

IQAC-MOM-28 th September 2022
IQAC-MOM-28 th January 2023

IQAC Meeting Minutes 2021-22

IQAC-MOM-18 th December 2021
IQAC-MOM-18 th June 2022

IQAC Meeting Minutes 2020-21

IQAC-MOM-20th July 2020
IQAC-MOM-09th February 2021

IQAC Meeting Minutes 2019-20

IQAC-MOM-19th August 2019
IQAC-MOM-17th February 2020

IQAC Meeting Minutes 2018-19

IQAC-MOM-18th August 2018
IQAC-MOM-16th February 2019

IQAC Meeting Minutes 2017-18

IQAC-MOM-12th August 2017
IQAC-MOM-24th February 2018