AI and DS Engineering

Faculty Information
Sr. No. Name Qualification Area of Specialization Designation Date of Joining Nature of Association (Regular Contract/Adjunct)
1 Dr. G. T. Thampi Ph.D. (Technology) BDA, CC, IoT, Integration in Enterprises, Business process and Reengineering in the realm of Engineering Education Professor 15/12/2009 Regular
2 Dr. Madhuri Rao Ph.D. (Engg.) BDA, SPM, DMBI, SE, DBMS, MIS, ML Professor 01-02-2000 Regular
3 Dr. Mita Bhowmick PhD (Technology) Optical Tomography, Medical Imaging, Biomechanics and Artificial Organs, Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomedical Sensors Professor 03-08-1992 Regular
4 Dr. Bhushan Jadhav Ph.D. (Engg.) AI&DS, Python Programming, BDA, CC, DevOPs Assistant Professor 21-01-2009 Regular
5 Mr. Naveen Vaswani ME (Comp Engg.) SE, SOOAD, OOP, DM, AI Assistant Professor 01-06-2022 Regular
6 Ms. Monica G. Tolani ME (IT) AI, DBMS, DMBI, SE, ECOMM, ML, DL, Python Programming Assistant Professor 10-07-2017 Regular
7 Ms. Vijal Jain ME (IT) Satellite IP, DM, AI, Networking &Networking Security Assistant Professor 12-07-2017 Regular
8 Ms. Himani Deshpande ME (Comp Engg.) AI, DS, OS, COA. Programming Paradigms Assistant Professor 10-07-2017 Regular
9 Ms. Bharati Jayesh Ingale MTech Digital Design, COA Assistant Professor 08-06-1999 Regular
10 Ms. Meenu Bhatia ME (Comp Engg.) AI&DS, ML, DBMS, CG ,DS,OS Assistant Professor 06-04-2021 Regular
11 Ms. Saloni V Dhuru ME (Comp Engg.) AI&DS, ML, DBMS, CG, MCC, CCL, DSGT, DSA Assistant Professor 05-06-2021 Regular
12 Ms. Nikita U. Raichada ME (Comp Engg.) DBMS, ML, DL, SE, OS Assistant Professor 01-12-2021 Contract