Computer Engineering

About Programme

Metamorphosis into a center of excellence in higher education and enterprise computing to nurture and facilitate the learners who ought to be the creams of society in terms of their irresistible ambition to be part of entities inventing breakthrough technologies to further the cause of mankind through emerging technologies.

Mission: Focusing and Practicing
  • Building state of art laboratories with the help of internal accruals / government funding / industry funding.
  • Collaborative research initiative with premier research organizations in the country.
  • Subjecting and initiating learners to entrepreneurship training program and nascent technologies which shall be beyond curriculum.
  • Developing instructional content leveraging new findings of cognitive load theories and visual learning.
  • Initiating public-private partnership to setup startup ventures to help learners evolve as entrepreneurs in ICT.
  • Extensively promote participation in application building competition organized externally and internally to enable learner to apply theoretical understanding in real time functional area.