Computer Engineering

Faculty Information
Sr. No. Name Qualification Area of Specialization Designation Date of Joining Nature of Association (Regular Contract/Adjunct)
1 Dr. Tanuja Sarode Ph.D. (Engg.) IP, AI, NN, CG, DBMS Professor 1 - 1 - 2000 Regular
2 Dr. Archana Patankar Ph.D. (Engg.) IP, HMI, CG Professor 3 - 1 - 2000 Regular
3 Dr. Jayant Gadge Ph.D. (Engg.) NLP, IR, Web mining, DWM Professor 16-08-2001 Regular
4 Dr. Shilpa Verma Ph.D. (Engg.) AI,NN, SE Associate Professor 13-01-2003 Regular
5 Dr. Anil Chhangani Ph.D. (Engg.) IP,ML Associate Professor 30-07-2017 Regular
6 Dr. Seema Kolkur Ph.D. (Engg.) DBMS,DWM,AI Associate Professor 01-02-2000 Regular
7 Ms. Tasneem Mirza ME (Comp Engg) SE, DS, CSS Associate Professor 03-05-1999 Regular
8 Ms. Sakshi Surve ME (Comp Engg) OOPM, TCS Assistant Professor 11-08-2001 Regular
9 Dr. Ujawala Bharambe Ph.D (Engg.) AI, ML, NLP, Web Mining Assistant Professor 01-01-2005 Regular
10 Ms. Anagha Durugkar ME (Comp Engg) BDA,ML,DBMS,D WM,SPCC,DS,AOA Assistant Professor 11-11-1997 Regular
11 Ms. Sonal Shroff ME (Comp Engg) DC, IP, CSS Assistant Professor 1-1-2000 Regular
12 Ms. Vaishali Suryawanshi ME (Comp Engg) DL, ML, AOA Assistant Professor 09-01-2003 Regular
13 Ms. Ruhi Bajaj M.E. (Comp) MCC, IOT, WT Assistant Professor 01-01-2005 Regular (On Leave from March 2019)
14 Ms. Manisha Dumbre ME (Comp Engg) IP, ML, CCL Assistant Professor 09-11-2006 Regular
15 Ms. Rupali Sarode ME (Comp Engg) IP,ML,DL,AR Assistant Professor 22-05-2007 Regular
16 Ms. Vijaya Padmadas ME (Comp Engg) ML, DWM, BDA Assistant Professor 14-01-2008 Regular
17 Dr. Arti Deshpande Ph.D. (Engg.) ML,DWM, CSS Associate Professor 15-01-2008 Regular
18 Ms. Urvi Kore ME (Comp Engg). IP, CG, ML, TCS, AOA Assistant Professor 10-08-2009 Regular
19 Mr. Aejazul Khan M.S. (Computers) PM, MIS,DBMS,SE Assistant Professor 17-08-2009 Regular
20 Dr. Gauri Shukla Ph.D. (Engg.) DLCA,MP Associate Professor 01-08-2001 Regular
21 Mr. Rithesh Kini M.TECH DLCA Assistant Professor 10-01-2003 Regular
22 Mr. Vaibhav Ambhire ME (Comp Engg) DL, TCS, SPCC Assistant Professor 10-06-2017 Regular
23 Ms. Nabanita Mandal ME (Comp Engg) DL, ML, CN, CSS Assistant Professor 12 -07-2013 Regular
24 Ms. Darakhshan Khan ME (Comp Engg) DL, ML, AOA, DS, WT Assistant Professor 05-01-2015 Regular
25 Ms. Juhi Ganwani ME (Comp Engg) DL, ML, DBMS Assistant Professor 02-12-2016 Regular
26 Ms. Shilpa Ingoley ME (Comp Engg) DL,ML, CN,DBMS,CCL Assistant Professor 1 - 07 - 2017 Regular
27 Ms. Parul Jain ME (Comp Engg) DSP, SE Assistant Professor 15 -02- 2021 Regular
28 Ms. Sonali Jadhav ME (Comp Engg) CCL, CN, CSS Assistant Professor 2-08-2021 Regular
29 Mr. Khalid Ansari ME (Comp Engg) Blockchain, DS, DBMS, OS Assistant Professor 15-12-2021 Regular
30 Mr. Adil Shaikh ME (Comp Engg) AI,ML,DS,DMBI Assistant Professor 18-07-2022 Contract