Chemical Engineering

Faculty Profile
Dr. Nita Mehta

Designation: Associate Professor, Head of Department

Qualification: Ph.D(Tech)-Chemical Engineering

Experience: 27 Years

Area of specialization: Process Modelling and Simulation, Reaction Engineering, Kinetic Modelling

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Dr. Anita Kumari

Designation: Professor

Qualification: PhD (Chemical Engg.), IIT, Delhi

Experience: 26 Years (Teaching),6 Years (Research)

Area of specialization: Environmental Engg., Green Technology, Advance Separation Processes

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Dr. Ramesh Sakharam Bhande

Designation: Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Qualification: PhD (Chemical Engineering), IIT Bombay

Experience: 11 Years (Teaching), 01 Year (Industry)

Area of specialization: Interfacial Engineering, Chemical Engineering Design and Process Engineering

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Prasad J. Parulekar

Designation: Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)

Qualification: PhD (Pursuing)

Experience: 19 Years (Teaching), 1 Year (Research Industry)

Area of Research: Cavitation, Process Engineering, Energy Integration, Engineering Economics

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R. R. Joshi

Designation: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Qualification: M.Tech, Ph.D (Pursuing)

Experience: 17 Years

Area of specialization: Food Technology

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Sangita Sachin Gaikwad

Designation: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Qualification: M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), DBATU, Lonere.

Experience: 13 Years

Area of specialization: Environmental Engg., Advance Separation Processes, Mass Transfer Operation

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Dr. Trupti Dharmarao

Designation: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Qualification: Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), ICT, Mumbai

Experience: 6 Years (Teaching), 1 Year (Industry)

Area of specialization: Separation technology

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Mannat Ajay Khanwani 

Designation: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Qualification: ME (Chemical Engineering)

Experience: 04 Years (Teaching), 1.5 Years (Research)

Area of Specialization: Process Intensification, Numerical Method for Chemical Engineering, Modelling and Simulation, Equipment Design.

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Dr. Nitin Pereira

Designation: Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.S. in Bioreactor Systems, Ph.D in chemical engineering, PGDSM from MIT

Experience: Industrial -04 Teaching- 10

Area of Specialization:  Thermodynamics, Reactor design

Ms. Praseeda Nambisian

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: Pursuing Ph.D.

Experience: 9 yrs.

Area of specialization: Bioinformatics, microbiology.

Dr. Bharat Chandrakant Honmane

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: PhD (Tech)

Experience: 8 Years

Area of specialization: Industrial Water & Wastewater Management, Forward Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis, Seawater Desalination, Membrane Process Separations etc

Mr. Jethani Haresh Ashokkumar

Designation: Technical Assistant

Mr. Shobha Singh

Designation: Lab Assistant

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Mrs. Deepti Vikas Pol

Designation: Lab Assistant

Mr. Rahul Singh

Designation: Lab Assistant

Ms. Vaishali P Sangle

Designation: Lab Assistant

Mr. Ramashankar Dubey

Designation: Lab Attendant

Mr. Arjunprasad Shukla

Designation: Lab Attendant

Mr. Chhediram Tiwari

Designation: Lab Attendant

Mr. Chandrabhan Chaubey

Designation: Lab Attendant

Mr. Swaminath G. Barai

Designation: Peon

Mr. Arunkumar Verma

Designation: Peon

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