Chemical Engineering

Curriculum & Syllabus
Second Year Engineering


  • CHC301 Engineering Mathematics-III
  • CHC302 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry I
  • CHC303 Fluid Flow Operations
  • CHC304 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
  • CHC305 Process Calculations
  • CHL301 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry I Lab
  • CHL302 Fluid Flow Operation Lab
  • CHL303 Basic Chemical Engineering Lab
  • CHL304 Skilled Based Lab: Chemical Technology Lab
  • CHM301 Mini Project 1A


  • CHC401 Engineering Mathematics-IV
  • CHC402 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry II
  • CHC403 Numerical Method in Chemical Engineering
  • CHC404 Solid Fluid Mechanical Operations
  • CHC405 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
  • CHL401 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry II Lab
  • CHL402 Numerical Method in Chemical Engineering Lab
  • CHL403 Solid Fluid Mechanical Operation Lab
  • CHL404 Skilled based lab: Design Calculation of Auxiliary Plant Equipment
  • CHM401 Mini Project 1B
Third Year Engineering


  • CHC501 Mass Transfer Operations-I
  • CHC502 Heat Transfer Operations
  • CHC503 Chemical Reaction Engineering-I
  • CHC504 Transport Phenomena
  • CHDO501X Department Optional Course 1
  • CHL501 Mass Transfer Operations-I Lab
  • CHL502 Heat Transfer Operations Lab
  • CHL503 Chemical Reaction Engineering-I Lab
  • CHL504 Skilled Based Lab: Professional Communication and Ethics II Lab
  • CHM501 Mini Project-2A

Department Optional Course I (Sem V)
Engineering Stream

  • CHDO5011 Food Engineering

Advanced Sciences Stream

  • CHDO5012 Advanced Material Sciences

Technology Stream

  • CHDO5013 Total Quality Management


  • CHC601 Mass Transfer Operation II
  • CHC602 Chemical Reaction Engineering II
  • CHC603 Pollution Control Technology
  • CHC604 Process Engineering and Economics
  • CHDO602X Department Optional Course 2
  • CHL601 Mass Transfer Operations II Lab
  • CHL602 Chemical Reaction Engineering II Lab
  • CHL603 Pollution Control Technology Lab
  • CHL604 Skilled Based Lab: Piping Design Engineering Lab
  • CHM601 Mini Project-2B

Department Optional Course II (Sem VI)
Engineering Stream

  • CHDO6021 Piping Engineering

Management Stream

  • CHDO6022 Polymer Technology

Technology Stream

  • CHDO6023 Industrial Organization and Management
Final Year Engineering



  • CHC701 Instrumentation process dynamic and control
  • CHC702 Chemical engineering equipment design
  • CHDO703X Department Optional Course 3
  • CHDO7033 Project management for chemical process industries
  • CHDO704X Department Optional Course 4
  • CHDO7042 Petroleum refining technology
  • IOC701X Institute Optional Course 1
  • IOC7011 Product Lifecycle Management
  • IOC7016 Cyber Security and Laws
  • IOC7017 Disaster Management and MitigationMeasures


  • CHL701 Instrumentation process dynamic and control Lab
  • CHL702 Chemical engineering equipment design Lab
  • CHL703 Hazard and risk assessment Lab
  • CHP701 Major Project I



  • CHC801 Modelling simulation and optimization
  • CHDO805X Department Optional Course 5
  • CHDO8051 Energy system design
  • CHDO8052 Advanced separation technology
  • CHDO806X Department Optional Course 6
  • CHDO8062 Biotechnology
  • CHDO8063 Nanotechnology
  • IO802X Institute Optional Course 2
  • ILO8021 Project Management
  • ILO8024 Human Resource Management


  • CHL801 Modelling simulation and optimization Lab
  • CHL802 Software application in Chemical Engineering Lab
  • CHP801 Major Project II