Information Technology

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)
  • To create graduates committed to further the cause of information technology to enable enterprises to seize the massive opportunity emerging in IT services & IT product market place.
  • To build theoretical rigour, conceptual clarity in learners & engaging them to develop an attitude and temperament to be productive in work place.
  • Help learners to develop competency & skill sets in customizing software products in the niche/specialized areas like Big data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & Block-chain technologies.
  • Help learners to develop competency in “conversion of problem to logic” and in acquiring modelling & simulation skills.
  • Help them to develop environment consciousness, build intellectual & emotional integrity & capacity to remain focused for a long time to achieve said goals.
Program Specific Outcome (PSO)
  • Graduating students will be having competencies in applying computational technologies and practices in solving real life problems with scholastic understanding of basic sciences and mathematics.
  • Graduating students will be equipped with proficiency in system analysis, modelling and software development leveraging their knowledge in database systems, computer networks, information and network security, cloud computing and data analytics.
  • Graduating students will be demonstrating their competency in carrying out collaborative projects with their proficiency in developing user interface, software architecture, software testing and licensing regime
  • Graduates shall be treated as a human capital evolving as professional contribute to national GDP and mankind at large.