Information Technology

Vision and Mission

The department should be known globally for its core competence in terms of intuitive and intelligent architectural solutions on “conversion of problem to logic”.


Focusing and Practicing

  • Theoretical rigour to develop conceptual clarity. 
  • Modelling and design of experiments to inculcate culture of investigation. 
  • Making project based learning-learning as a pervasive pedagogy.
  • Transcending learning in the emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Block-chain technology and Quantum Computing.
  • Short term training program in evolving fields of Information Technology.
  • Collaborative learning, interdisciplinary studies and exposure to functional areas.
  • Sensitising all concerned about automation in IT services, software product and software process innovation.
  • Introducing risk management, risk mitigation and the process of hedging. 
  • Inculcating and enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship, start-up ventures and incubation process.
  • Metamorphosis from teaching paradigm to learning paradigm.
  • Every day discourse shall inculcate research culture and create IPR in terms of process and product patents, by understanding various markets and cultures
  • Sensitising all stakeholders about the impending ecological disasters due to failure in adapting carbon neutral enterprise wide processes and procedures