IT Engineering

Faculty Information
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Qualification (Degree / University/ Year of attaining highest Qualification) Area of Specialization Designation Date of Joining TSEC Nature of Association with the Institution
1 Dr. Mukesh Isran Ph.D. (Technology) IoT Associate Professor 10/01/2006 Regular
2 Dr. Shanthi Therese Ph.D. (Technology) Speech Recognition Associate Professor 01/08/2001 Regular
3 Dr. Arun Kulkarni Ph.D. (CSE) Soft Computing Professor 17/8/2001 Regular
4 Ms. Archana Kale M.Tech. (CSE) Generic System Design and Analysis, Parallelization and IS Associate Professor 01/03/1993 Regular
5 Ms. Anjali Malviya M.E. (Electronics) IP and DL Associate Professor 30/8/1996 Regular
6 Ms. Sampada S. Pinge M.E. (Electronics) IoT and Infractructure Security Associate Professor 03/03/1993 Regular
7 Dr. Gopal Pardesi Ph.D. (Technology) Machine Learning Associate Professor 10/01/2006 Regular
8 Ms. Kumkum Saxena M.E. (Comp Engg.) Computational Engineering, AoA, CN and IP Assistant Professor 29/12/2004 Regular
9 Ms. Geeta Karande M.E. (EXTC) WC and Robotics Assistant Professor 10/01/2006 Regular
10 Ms. Nagaveni Hebber M.E. (EXTC) IP,DF and INS Assistant Professor 09/01/2003 Regular
11 Mr. Chetan Agarwal M.E. (Comp Engg.) Block chain Technology Assistant Professor 23/06/2004 Regular
12 Ms. Reshma Malik M.E. (Comp Engg.) DBMS Assistant Professor 24/06/2004 Regular
13 Mr. Sanjay K. Pandey M.E. (Comp Engg.) PM, Wireless Technology and IoT Assistant Professor 24/06/2004 Regular
14 Ms. Sunita D. Rathod M.E. (Comp Engg.) Web Technology Assistant Professor 29/12/2004 Regular
15 Mr. Nikhilesh Joshi M.E. (Comp Engg.) Neural Network,CC and IP Assistant Professor 10/02/2005 Regular
16 Dr. Shachi J. Natu Ph.D. (Comp Engg.) IP,ML and DL Assistant Professor 10/08/2009 Regular
17 Ms. Sanober S. Shaikh M.E. (Comp Engg.) DBMS, Data Mining, Web Technology and QC Assistant Professor 11/05/2011 Regular
18 Dr. Darshan A. Ingle Ph.D. (CSE) AI, ML, DL and CV Assistant Professor 08/08/2017 Regular
19 Mrs. Anuradha Mistry M.TECH Biomedical Instrumentation, Modelling and Simulation, Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomechanics. Assistant Professor Regular
20 Ms. Sheetal A. Gondal M.E. (Comp Engg.) Wireless Sensor Networks Assistant Professor 05/08/2020 Regular