IT Engineering

Faculty Information
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Qualification (Degree / University/ Year of attaining highest Qualification) Area of Specialization Designation Date of Joining TSEC Nature of Association with the Institution
1 Dr. G. T. Thampi Ph.D. (Technology) BDA, CC, IoT, Integration in Enterprises, Business process and Reengineering in the realm of Engineering Education Professor 15/12/2009 Regular
2 Dr. Arun Kulkarni Ph.D. (CSE) Soft Computing Professor 17/8/2001 Regular
3 Ms. Archana Kale M.Tech. (CSE) Generic System Design and Analysis, Parallelization and IS Associate Professor 01/03/1993 Regular
4 Ms. Anjali Malviya M.E. (Electronics) IP and DL Associate Professor 30/8/1996 Regular
5 Ms. Sampada S. Pinge M.E. (Electronics) IoT and Infractructure Security Associate Professor 03/03/1993 Regular
6 Dr. Shanthi Therese Ph.D. (Technology) Speech Recognition Associate Professor 01/08/2001 Regular
7 Dr. Gopal Pardesi Ph.D. (Technology) Machine Learning Associate Professor 10/01/2006 Regular
8 Dr. Mukesh Isran Ph.D. (Technology) IoT Associate Professor 10/01/2006 Regular
9 Ms. Kumkum Saxena M.E. (Comp Engg.) Computational Engineering, AoA, CN and IP Assistant Professor 29/12/2004 Regular
10 Ms. Geeta Karande M.E. (EXTC) WC and Robotics Assistant Professor 10/01/2006 Regular
11 Ms. Nagaveni Hebber M.E. (EXTC) IP,DF and INS Assistant Professor 09/01/2003 Regular
12 Mr. Chetan Agarwal M.E. (Comp Engg.) Block chain Technology Assistant Professor 23/06/2004 Regular
13 Ms. Reshma Malik M.E. (Comp Engg.) DBMS Assistant Professor 24/06/2004 Regular
14 Mr. Sanjay K. Pandey M.E. (Comp Engg.) PM, Wireless Technology and IoT Assistant Professor 24/06/2004 Regular
15 Ms. Sunita D. Rathod M.E. (Comp Engg.) Web Technology Assistant Professor 29/12/2004 Regular
16 Mr. Nikhilesh Joshi M.E. (Comp Engg.) Neural Network,CC and IP Assistant Professor 10/02/2005 Regular
17 Dr. Shachi J. Natu Ph.D. (Comp Engg.) IP,ML and DL Assistant Professor 10/08/2009 Regular
18 Ms. Sanober S. Shaikh M.E. (Comp Engg.) DBMS, Data Mining, Web Technology and QC Assistant Professor 11/05/2011 Regular
19 Dr. Darshan A. Ingle Ph.D. (CSE) AI, ML, DL and CV Assistant Professor 08/08/2017 Regular
20 Ms. Sheetal A. Gondal M.E. (Comp Engg.) Wireless Sensor Networks Assistant Professor 05/08/2020 Contract