Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Vision and Mission

Transcending the process of integrating intelligence to Technology Products and Processes by architectural and algorithmic solution building procedures resulting in autonomous entities which shall surpass collective human intelligence

  • Engage learners to develop competency in algorithmic approaches in resolving complexities of real time problems.
  • Help pupils to develop competency in creative and architectural solution building processes for building efficiencies
  • Initiate the learners to intuitive / creative solution building processes as a complimentary skill set
  • Scaling up the process of creating digital learning content in the realm of AI & DS underpinning the theories of cognitive science and virtual / Augmented reality techniques
  • Design and create a supply chain of human capital with high degree of intellectual/ emotional and spiritual quotient to man the evolving National economies
  • Equip students with multi-disciplinary skill sets to offer solutions to real time problems through initiating them to the process of research and innovation
  • To create an academic environment for higher learning, lifelong learning, academic excellence, and research endeavours
  • Design ways and means of initiating learners to acquire high level of mathematical integrity and analytical competency
  • Training the learners to develop emotional integrity, interpersonal Intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence to make them evolve as a Human capital for the society at large
  • Sensitising learners about sustainable development process, resilience of systems, and desirability of influencing the evolving world order to optimise wealth and value creation for the mankind