Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Second Year Engineering


  • CSC301-Engineering Mathematics III
  • CSC302-Discrete Structures and Graph Theory
  • CSC303-Data Structure
  • CSC304-Digital Logic & Computer Architecture
  • CSC305-Computer Graphics
  • CSL301-Data Structure Lab
  • CSL302- Digital Logic & Computer Architecture Lab
  • CSL303- Computer Graphics Lab
  • CSL304- Skill base Lab course: Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • CSM301- Mini Project – 1 A


  • CSC401- Engineering Mathematics IV
  • CSC402- Analysis of Algorithm
  • CSC403- Database Management System
  • CSC404- Operating System
  • CSC405- Microprocessor
  • CSL401- Analysis of Algorithm Lab
  • CSL402- Database Management System Lab
  • CSL403- Operating System Lab
  • CCSL404- Microprocessor Lab
  • CSL405- Skill Base Lab Course: Python Programming
  • CSM401- Mini Project 1-B
Third Year Engineering


  • CSC501-Computer Network
  • CSC502- Web Computing
  • CSC503- Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC504- Data Warehousing & Mining
  • CSDLO5011- Statistics for Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • CSL501- Web Computing and Network Lab
  • CSL502- Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • CSL503- Data Warehousing & Mining Lab
  • CSL504- Business Communication and Ethics-II
  • CSM501- Mini Project: 2 A


  • CSC601- Data Analytics and Visualization
  • CSC602- Cryptography and System Security
  • CSC603- Software Engineering and Project Management
  • CSC604- Machine Learning
  • CSDLO6011- High Performance Computing
  • CSL601- Data Analytics and Visualization Lab
  • CSL602- Cryptography & System Security Lab
  • CSL603- Software Engineering and Project Management Lab
  • CSL604- Machine Learning Lab
  • CSL605- Skill base Lab Course: Cloud Computing
  • CSM601- Mini Project: 2 B
Final Year Engineering


  • CSC701 Deep Leaning
  • CSC702 Big Data Analytics

CSDO 701X Department Level Optional Course 3

  • CSDO7011: Natural Language Processing
  • CSDO7012.: AI for Healthcare
  • CSDO7013: Neural Network & Fuzzy System

CSDO 702X Department Level Optional Course 4

  • CSDO7021: User Experience Design with VR
  • CSDO7022: Blockchain Technologies
  • CSDO7023: Game Theory for Data Science

ILO 701X Institute Level Optional Course-1

  • ILO7011: Product Lifecycle Management
  • ILO7012: Reliability Engineering
  • ILO7013.: Management Information System
  • ILO7014: Design of Experiments
  • ILO7015: Operation Research
  • ILO7016: Cyber Security and Laws
  • ILO7017: Disaster Management & Mitigation Measures
  • ILO7018: Energy Audit and Management
  • ILO7019: Development Engineering
  • CSL701Deep Leaning Lab
  • CSL702 Big Data Analytics Lab

CSDOL 701X Department Level Optional Course-3 Lab

  • CSDOL7011: Natural Language Processing Lab
  • CSDOL7012.: AI for Healthcare Lab
  • CSDOL7013: Neural Network & Fuzzy System

CSDOL 702X Department Level Optional Course-4 Lab

  • CSDOL7021: User Experience Design with VR Lab
  • CSDOL7022: Blockchain Technologies
  • CSDOL7023: Game Theory for Data Science
  • CSP701 Major Project1


  • CSC801 Advanced Artificial Intelligence

CSDO 801X Department Level Optional Course-5

  • CSDO8011: AI for financial & Banking application
  • CSDO8012: Quantum Computing
  • CSDO8013: Reinforcement Learning

CSDO 802X Department Level OptionalCourse-6

  • CSDO8021: Graph Data Science
  • CSDO8022: Recommendation Systems
  • CSDO8023: social media Analytic

ILO 801X Institute Level OptionalCourse-2

  • ILO8021: Project Management
  • ILO8022: Finance Management
  • ILO8023: Entrepreneurship Development and Management
  • ILO8024: Human Resource Management
  • ILO8025: Professional Ethics and CSR
  • ILO8026: Research Methodology
  • ILO8027: IPR and Patenting
  • ILO8028: Digital Business Management
  • ILO8029: Environmental Management
  • CSL801 Advanced Artificial Intelligence Lab

CSDOL 801X Department Level Optional Course-5 Lab

  • CSDOL8011: AI for financial & Banking application Lab
  • CSDOL8012: Quantum Computing Lab
  • CSDOL8013: Reinforcement Learning Lab

CSDOL 802X Department Level Optional Course-6 Lab

  • CSDOL8021: Graph Data Science Lab
  • CSDOL8022: Recommendation Systems Lab
  • CSDOL8023: social media Analytic Lab
  • CSP801 Major Project-2