Electronics And Telecommunication

Well equipped Laboratories 07
AC Class room with LCD projector and Audio System 03
Department Library 450 books
Personal Computers 100
Internet 150 Mbps
Server LANs in all labs

Facilities provided for development activities

Facility Name Reasons for creating facility
Department library & Digital library Literature work during mini project, project implementation and course work preparation
Online Teaching Accessories like Digital writing pens Assistance in Online Teaching
Microsoft Teams Online Teaching Platform
Use Open sources like Tinkercad Scilab, Octave and Coogle Colab Practical can be performed online
Certificate Courses from Datacamp, Coursera NPTEL, ATAL Academy and ISRO To enhance the programming skills and technical skills
Internships in Machine learning and other emerging area Provide hands on experience to students
Research Paper guidance and publications To inculcate research activities
PCB Design Lab In house PCB design for projects and mini projects
Industrial Visits To bridge the gap between Industry and Institute
Workshops/ Webinar/ Invited Talks Content beyond the syllabus
Participation in Hackathon and various coding activities To improve the coding skills and problem solving abilities
Turnitin Software To improve the quality of research Publications
ERP LMS System To support teaching learning process