Electronics And Telecommunication

Faculty Profile
Dr. Maniroja M. Edinburg

Designation: Professor and Head of Department, Dean Student Affairs

Qualification: Ph.D. (Engineering)

Experience: 31 years

Area of specialization: Image Processing, Speech Processing, Random Signal Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Python Programming

Email:  maniroja@thadomal.org

Dr. Ashwini Kunte

Designation: Professor

Qualification: B.E., M.E, PhD

Experience: 29 yrs

Area of specialization: Image Processing, Wireless Communication and Digital Logic Design

Contact information: askunte@gmail.com

Ms. Anuradha Rao

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: M.Tech     Experience: 30 yrs + 1 yr. Industry

Area of specialization: Optical communication, Computer Communication& Internet Communication.

Contact information:  karaop@yahoo.com

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Mr. K. K. Mathew

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: M.E.     Experience: 35 years + 1 yr. Industry

Area of specialization: BEE, Power Electronics & Industrial Electronics, Electrostatic & Electromagnetics

Contact information:  kk_mathew@yahoo.com

Ms. Anushree Gupta

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: BSc.Tech     Experience: 31 years

Area of specialization:Analog Electronics, BEE, VLSI.

Contact information: anugup801@yahoo.co.in

Ms. Shrishti Bhatia

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: ME (Electronics), pursuing Ph.D.     Experience:  24 years

Area of specialization: Communication Systems, Analag & Digital Communication, Wireless Networks

Contact information:  shrishti.bhatia@thadomal.org

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Ms. Neeru Pathak

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification:  M.Tech   Experience: 23 years

Area of specialization: Instrumentation & Control Engineering.

Contact information:  satish_pathak@hotmail.com

Ms. Uttara Bhatt

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. E.     Experience: 23 years

Area of specialization: VLSI Design, Micro electronics and Signal Processing.

Contact information: uttara.bhatt@thadomal.org

Ms. Jyoti Kashyap

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: M.E    Experience: 24 years

Area of specialization: Electro Magnetics, Microwave Engineering and Communication System.

Contact information:  jyotikashyap1@rediffmail.com

Mr. Amit Hatekar

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E.     Experience: 21 years

Area of specialization: Microprocessors & Micro Controllers.

Contact information: a_hatekar @yahoo.com

Ms. Sharmila Barve

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.E.     Experience: 26 years

Area of specialization: Antenna & Wave Propagation, Radio Frequency Circuits, Mobile Communication.

Contact information:  sharmilabarve@rediffmail.com

Mr. Manoj  S. Kavedia

Designation: Assistant Professor (Adhoc)

Qualification:  M.E.     Experience: 24 years + 2 years Industry

Area of specialization:  Electronics and Communication.

Contact information: ermanojkavedia.tsec@gmail.com

Mrs. Anchu Krishnan Pillai

Designation: Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Qualification:  M.E.     Experience: 5.5 years

Area of specialization:  Electronics

Contact information: anchukrishnanpillai@gmail.com

Mr. Deepak Pawar

Designation: Assistant Professor

Mr. Dhananjay Theckedath

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification:  Pursuing Ph.D. , M. Tech. (Biomedical Engineering) , B.Sc. Tech. (Instrumentation) , B.Sc (Physics)

Experience: 23 years

Area of specialization:  Signal Processing, Machine learning and Deep learning

Contact information: dhananjay.kishore@gmail.com

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Sr. No.  Name of Staff Designation
1. Mr. Ajay Katpatal Technical Assistant
2. Mr. I. A. Raorane Technical Assistant
3. Ms. Rasika Bhave Laboratory Assistant
4. Mr. Prem Amarnani Technical Assistant
5. Mr. Haresh S. Panjabi Technical Assistant
6. Ms. Harsha Bhombe Technical Assistant
7. Mr. Kishore Madvi Laboratory Attendant
8. Mr. Narayan Kadam Laboratory Attendant
9. Mr. Birendranath Pathak Laboratory Attendant
10. Mr. Ramakant Mishra Laboratory Attendant
11. Mr. Ashok Hadale Laboratory Attendant
12. Mr. Ramdas Bawkar Laboratory Attendant
13. Mr. Pushpendra Singh Peon

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